The Story

Bedlam: (n) bed-lam | The scene of an uproar and confusion.
Genesis: (n) gen-e-sis | The origin or mode of formation of something.

Bedlam Genesis is set in an alternate reality of Numinous and Humans. The planet is still relatively new, and Magic is only truly mastered by Numinous; it normally takes a human a lifetime just to master one element. Gods and goddesses are designated to every element, but there are several still untamed. Of those elements, Chaos and Tranquility are of the utmost importance to be appointed, because without someone to dictate their natures, the balance of good and evil constantly tips.

Fate has chosen two very different girls to become these deities, but they're quite reluctant to following this destiny. Mostly because they're oblivious about it! How will the balance sustain itself when these opposing forces end up being friends? What kind of calamity will befall these girls who only want simple lives?

This story is rated 16+ because of its language, violence, sexual themes, nudity, and alcohol use.

Author // Artist

Name: Vicky Thavornkant
AKA: Kat, BlacKat, Shotakat, Red Rabbit, Suo, and "Mom"
DOB: November 25th, 1989

I've always been an art junkie, but it wasn't until the end of high school that I decided I wanted to make art for a living.
In my ideal world, I'd be paid to draw manga all day! Not only do I love doing it, it provides me with therapy. I've been through a lot that's damaged some of my short-term memory, and every now and again I'm afflicted with PTSD. Rather than dish out money for pills and 'counseling', I turn to my drawings to pour my focus into. I manage to recreate some of my experiences through this story, and I've been able to accept that sometimes, bad things just happen. If it doesn't kill you, it only makes you stronger.

To PJ and Katy for the 6+ years of roleplaying that all started with this story, and their great characters.
To my "son" Zach for helping me code the harder parts of the site!
To the readers who enjoy my story and art, and support its continuation!
To Manga Apps for providing me with all the tones and tutorials that I'm still using now! Any other aspiring manga/comic artist should go there and grab what's available. It's a fantastic collection of helpful tools!
To everyone in my life who's told me to keep staggering back onto my feet and do what I LOVE, no matter how many times I may get knocked down. I have a support system of friends and family that will surpass any 12 step program.