Main Characters

Kevin Ochoa
July 2 -- Cancer
Species: Halfling; Vulpes and Human
Kevin is the son of a nine-tailed Vulpes and Human woman; he has an older sister named Marianne. He's been trained extensively to follow in his father's footsteps as a Stone Monk Sentinel. He specializes in Earth Mana and is proficient with quarterstaffs. He owns his father's wooden flute, to which he is still learning how to play (quite terribly).

Karra Soma
April 26 -- Taurus
Species: Felidae
Karra's birth parents are unknown. She was found by an old Felidae named Karaka who had raised her on the belief that she is a godsend. It's assumed that she has an affinity for Holy Mana, but she can't control it. It's more an involuntary skill that activates when she hurts herself, which is quite often because of her clumsy nature. Due to the high regard she receives from the adults, the other children are quite jealous and tend to alienate her.

Katsumi Hakubi
August 13 -- Leo
Species: Felidae
Katsumi is a supposedly deformed Felidae. She has two tails -- one of which she hides -- and tri-colored eyes that spook all the children. Her father allegedly left after she first opened said eyes, so she takes on the responsibility of caring for her mother, who is crippled with fear of the outside world. She's often beaten by the local kids, but never retaliates. She's actually very skilled in combat for her age, and heals remarkably fast.

Ikarus Kohane
October 5 -- Libra
Species: Felidae
Ikarus lives with his older sister, Sen. Their parents had been prisoners of Human breeding mills, and were selectively bred for optimal compatibility with all Mana elements. Sen escaped with her baby brother once strong enough, and they've never looked back since. He's an admirable hand-to-hand fighter, and prefers close quarter combat weapons. Ikarus focuses strictly on non-magic attacks since he believes his superior Mana compatibility isn't fair to neither an opponent or himself.

Side Characters

Kevin's mother. Completely Human, and dotes on her children.

Kevin's father. He is one of few nine-tailed Vulpes. Rather than plague Human beings with tricks and trials, he's taken a role as a teacher and Sentinel.

Kevin's older sister. Also a halfling. Unlike her little brother, Marianne is most compatible with Fire Mana. She easily outshines her brother with her age and experience, and will probably take their father's place before Kevin does.

Katsumi's mother. Once a fearless Felidae, something happened to make her fear the outside world completely. She seems to be oblivious to her daughter's suffering, but that may be because she chooses to be ignorant.

Karra's foster father. Was in his twilight years when he stumbled upon her as an abandoned baby, and since being sneezed on he's been reset back to the prime of this life. He's very eccentric and loves to tell tales of lore.

Ikarus' older sister. She broke free of the breeding mill she and her brother were enslaved in and became the town tailor. Her body's weapons are steel needles which she can infuse with Lightning, Fire, Wind, Water, Earth, and Holy Mana. She's very enthusiastic about what she does, and tends to smother her brother in affection.

Ikarus' fiancee. They have an arranged marriage due to a misunderstanding, but she truly loves him. Her cousin is Itsuki, which means her uncle is the mayor. Although she isn't spoiled, she does behave like an entitled brat at times. She is also a Psyker, meaning she doesn't have any affiliation with the basic Mana elements, nor does she have a weapon, but she is able to manipulate the energies around her, and regularly has visions of the future.


Rhymes with luminous.
Numinous are the race of those who were here long before Humans. They are the most connected with the planet, often having traits of nature itself in their species.

Feline characteristics generally ranging from agility, flexibility, and eyeshine to see in complete darkness. By far the highest compatibility with every Mana element, and most friction with Humans due to their skittish nature.

Fox characteristics generally in fur color and patterns, burrowing, and a heightened sense of smell. Their mastery of their Mana element is reflected in their number of tails — nine being the maximum and most skilled. Tend to play tricks on Humans either for fun or to test their worth.

Canine characteristics generally in pack mentality, high endurance, large appetites, and heightened sense of hearing. Very territorial of their own kind when it comes to other Numinous, but are very friendly and open to interaction with Humans. Prefer manual labor over Mana, although once deceased, their spirits linger to ward off evil intent around their loved ones for as long as they can.

Rodent characteristics generally in petite body structure, blindingly fast, survivalists, and high reproductive rate. Rarely seen alone, or out in daylight. They normally can only use Mana in small bursts, since it overheats their bodies. Very fearful to change, and avoid everyone but each other.

Bird and/or reptilian characteristics generally born from eggs, scales, winged limbs/flight, super strength, and strictly carnivorous. Utterly vicious and hateful to any Humans near them, even to the point of eating them. Only compatible with the darker elements of Mana, and typically abuse their skills to terrorize others.

Malicious or distorted souls of the dead repossessed into bodies containing high Mana using black magic. Can take on any form and alter their appearance if skilled enough.