Q: When do you update?
I'm aiming for weekly updates on Friday. But, if I manage to do more, I'd try to do Monday as well, since we all hate Mondays. Might as well look forward to something, right?

Q: How'd you think of this?
Back when I was still a GAIA noob, one of my first big role plays was this story, but it never had a title. It was one of those silly, cliché threads where it was just an open forest for demons and whatnot to gather and interact. I met PJ and Katy there, and we spun off on our own tangent to the point of completely taking over the thread. I joined around page fifty, and it stopped at about two hundred something since we lost direction. I've since then been playing around with a more solid plot and ending, as well as flesh out the characters to much deeper depths.

Q: Is it a coincidence Katsumi looks like you?
Haaaa, not in the least bit. I was twelve when I first thought her up so she was pretty much me in catgirl form. She does have selective parts of my personality, mostly the faults. But she's been evolving to the point of not being me anymore, which I'm proud of.

Q: What do you use to draw the comics?
Photoshop CS5, using a WACOM Cintiq 12WX.

Q: How long does it take to do a page?
It really depends on the content. If there's any extensive environment or backgrounds, I tend to take longer because foliage hates me, lol. Generally I like to break it up into days of what needs to get done. I take about an hour to roughly sketch things in and decide on panels, then a couple hours to ink the final version. I spend 2-4 hours on screentones usually on a different day. So about 6-8 hours total per page from start to finish!

Q: How many of the events happening to the characters happened to you?
Ah, well I did mention that in my about section didn't I...? I won't say which events happened to me (those would be spoilers), but about 75% of what certain characters go through, I've gone through to a much less dramatic degree. Sometimes it's verbatim (that means word for word).

Q: Why don't you color your comic?
Volume 00 is a very long prolog! Originally I wanted to do everything in black and white, and in the right-to-left traditional manga style. But my preferences have changed now, for the better! Volume 01 and on will be in full color. Patience!

Q: Why don't you just get a therapist/help/etc? I know a few people who have benefited from it!
I've done therapy before, as well as medication. Although it does help to a degree, it didn't make me feel like myself. I didn't like having to force myself to submit to a drug or someone elses opinions/advice on things. Not saying I recommend the same method to others who would seriously benefit from them, but this was what works for me. I still have my struggles, but we all have things we carry from our past that aren't easy to cope with. I've learned that the key isn't to pretend it never happened and try to be happy -- it's acknowledging it happened to you and build yourself higher from there. A lesser person wouldn't have survived what you did, and thoughts like that empower me.

Q: Do you do commissions?
I most certainly do! Send me a note! :3

Q: Do you plan on publishing this?
That's the dream! Nothing would make me happier than to get Bedlam picked up and printed for other hands to hold and enjoy.